Telecom Engineer

Telecommunications engineers or telecom engineers are expert in managing data such as voice, video, calls, and text over different modes of communication. They are responsible for the designing & installation of the telecommunications equipment and ensure the data transmitted over wired or wireless communication is of high-quality. The telecom engineering field varies from radio and television to Satellite, computer networks the internet, and optical fiber.

The Telecom Engineers are responsible for examining new network technologies and offering suggestions regarding integration. The engineer has to ensure network availability and provide necessary maintenance and support. They have to plan, schedule and play an active role in the equipment installations. The professionals design and conduct network test and evaluation activities. They must provide subject matter expertise to for network interoperability and integration.

The engineer will take care of the information management coordination. The professionals will have to perform system-level design and configuration of products. The Telecom Engineer creates solution designs, such as drawings and design documents. They offer guidance to reduce the design complexity and costs. The professionals should have an in-depth understanding of existing and emerging technologies.

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